Illumitronic AirDux Air Wound Coils

Air dux air wound coils

Illumitronic Engineering has developed a complete, versatile, series of air core inductors designed especially for the amateur rig, or for prototypes of RF transmission equipment. These coils may be used for pi output circuits, conventional LC output circuits, interstage and oscillator circuits. The series consists a standard coil type, a variable pitch type, and an indented type, available in a range of diameters from 1/2 inch to 3 inches.

All Air Dux® coils are constructed of tinned (silver plated or formvar coated) copper wire on large low loss polystyrene or acrylic rods for the highest mechanical strength and lowest electrical losses.

Why use air core inductors?

The value of an air core inductor is unaffected by the current it carries. Without a ferromagnetic core you need not worry about inductance peaks, non-linearity of inductance, "iron loss", saturation- or the corresponding loss of inductance as saturation is reached. Choose air core coils for audio cross over networks in high-fidelity speaker systems for the lowest distortion. Hams and professional broadcasters alike use air core coils in radio transmitters to prevent the production of harmonic signals. Air core coils offer better Q-factor, greater efficiency, greater power handling, and less distortion than ferromagnetic core coils. Air coils may also be designed to perform at frequencies approaching 1GHz and higher.